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A Story of Immigration and Inspiration


In 1938, Hanni Myers and her family escaped from Vienna to the United States at the start of World War II. Eight year old Hanni stood on the deck of the S.S. Washington, holding her doll Lili as the ship pulled into New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty, her torch held high, welcomed Hanni and her family along with other Jewish refugees from Europe.


Eight decades later, Hanni — a vibrant, energetic teacher, musician, hiker, mother and grandmother — sat down with Robin Stein to tell her story. The result is My Two Cities, A Story of Immigration and Inspiration. Told in verse and illustrated with authentic family photos, the story explores the perseverance of Hanni and her family, the promise the United States offered immigrants and the triumph of the human spirit. 


Designed for children, teens and adults, My Two Cities has sparked important conversations about overcoming hardship, fighting prejudice, adapting to a new country, keeping old traditions and becoming part of a diverse American society. Robin offers programs on these topics for schools, libraries, senior centers, houses of worship and other venues in person in the Boston area and virtually on Zoom.

To arrange for a program at your school, library, place of worship, senior center or community group, contact Robin at:


Hanni's story of assimilation while maintaining her ties to her past reflects what so many immigrants strive for while struggling to survive in a new country. These are formative experiences that many native born Americans may never understand. And you did a wonderful job of drawing out her stories.   

—Celia C.


My Two Cities is very moving and descriptive with the historic photos enhancing the verse. You capture a rhythm that will appeal to young people. From an adult standpoint, we know how difficult life was for Hanni's family but from the child's point of view, it's bittersweet and has a happy ending. 

— Beth P.


My Two Cities is a touching account of the life of an immigrant family, told in rhyme, detailing the hardships and joys of their journey. Hanni left the city she loved to grow in and love a new place. I loved the pictures and the way the writing flowed.   

— Edward F.

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