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POETRY calms the soul, depicts emotion & elevates the mind. Robin offers stimulating sessions of reading, writing and reciting poetry. In a supportive group setting, workshop participants will discover their own poetic voices as they explore the work of favorite poets and get acquainted with new ones from all around the globe. They will experiment with different forms of poetry and contribute to a workshop journal of their poems.






MEMOIRS tell the story of our lives in impressions, scenes and emotions. Robin invites members of her memoir workshops to examine key moments that have shaped and influenced their lives. They will learn to express their feelings and recollections in essay form. 


Some participants plan to share their stories with family and friends while others seek to write a memoir only for themselves. We will read different memoirs to compare methods and styles in this genre.





LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE provides an approach for energetic and fulfilling aging. Robin creates a nurturing atmosphere of reading, writing and conversation for seniors to share their feelings and concerns. Through a holistic approach, she encourages participants to create, connect and communicate with others and to take good care of themselves.


Join Robin's workshops in the Boston area, or virtually on Zoom.

Robin will design a course for your school, after-school program, senior center, library or community group — either a one session seminar or a series of several weeks. In addition to Poetry, Memoir and Senior Workshops, she offers classes in family history, journaling and fiction. She teaches children, teens and adults.


Please contact: to discuss a program for you.

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